Early Winter Equine
Early Winter Equine

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New Platinum Performance Program!! EQCO

Platinum Performance is offering a new program much like Coli care but the ability to earn EQCO points to be used towards platinum products OR Wellness visits from participating veterinarians. Click on the EQCO button above to learn more! Remember if your ordering Platinum products to use Dr. Cable's ID CA8. This program offers more money than Coli care and gives everyone the opportunity to earn points towards products. Check it out today!!


Early Winter Equine is an equine exclusive veterinary practice in the heart of the Finger Lakes area, on the east side of Cayuga Lake 15 miles North of Ithaca. We service the Central Region of NY.  Our veterinary practice is composed of three veterinarians, who collectively have over 45 years experience caring for horses.  Our veterinarians can travel to your horse or ship in to be evaluated at our farm. We offer Sport horse lameness evaluations and treatment, and a variety of other services.  Please contact us via email or phone at 607-533-8606 for an appointment. Dr. Goodale is now seeing regular appointments on Saturdays, from 9-5 pm.

Recommended Core Vaccines:

Rabies, Eastern & Western Encephalitis & Tetanus, & West Nile

These are the recommended core vaccines that all horses should recieve. If you have a horse that travels or lives in a barn where other horses travel they should also receive the Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis vaccines as well. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding these vaccines. It is always a good idea to have your horses teeth checked during the vaccine visit to make sure there are no complications.

Consider donating to the Michael A. Ball, DVM Scholarship Fund

College of Veterinary Medicine

Box 39

Ithaca, NY 14853-6401

We provide all levels of care for the performance horse, family horse, and reproductive work.

Bernie & Glider and baby
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