From lameness to reproduction, we are pleased to offer advanced diagnostic capabilities. These include digital radiology (x-ray), digital ultrasonography (sonogram), and endoscopy, as well as Equine Infectious Anemia testing (Coggins test) hormone testing, tests for endocrine diseases (Cushing’s disease or Equine Metabolic Syndrome) as well as Histopathology (Biopsy) and cultures for bacterial diseases or viral diseases which are performed at laboratories in our area.


Early Winter Equine utillizes the Stablelab handheld unit that allows us to measure levels of serum amyloid A (SAA) within a horse’s blood. This test uses only a drop of blood and can be performed stall side in less than 10 minutes.

SAA is a protein produced in response to infection. It can indicate the severity of an infection and how the body is coping with it. Stablelab identifies cases of infection that even the standard lab tests don’t pick up on. The handheld Reader accurately quantifies Serum Amyloid A between 0-3000 µg/ml.

With information from the Stablelab reader we can treat our patients efficiently while practicing proper antibiotic stewardship. This helps prevent bacterial resistance to protect the future health of both horses and humans alike.


Early Winter Equine currently has an Endo-I upper airway endoscope.  With this endoscope, we are able to perform a visual examination of a horse’s upper airway (Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea and Nasal passages) as well as obtain samples for diagnostic purposes, if necessary. 

This endoscope system displays an image (video) via an IPad, where both the Veterinarian and client can view the images or video. These images are saved and can also be forwarded via email or text messaging.  This advanced technology allows us to share our findings directly with you as well as consult with other specialists, if more advanced treatment is required.


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